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  Remembersoft.com Camera Surveillance Family
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  Latest V10.1 editions have the critical bugs
 Our current editions V10.1 have critical bugs.
Room Monitoring Solutions
Recommended hardware: at least 1 computer. at least 1 standard webcam
Recommended software: Our Home Webcam. Its trial edition only includes the Our Home Webcam Robot Trial Edition setup (Its full edition package includes the Our Home Webcam Robot Full edition setup and the Remote Digital Video setup programs) 
Description: Provides the local indoor monitoring solutions and remote indoor monitoring solutions. The users could monitor from remote computer by using Internet Browser or Remote Digital Video software. 
At this time, all our software share the same graphic user interface.
 The above screenshot is the standard view mode.
In the above screenshot, one video device creates four cameras. Each camera uses the different view mode: Normal Preview, Mirror Preview, TopDown Preview, Down Mirror Preview. On the right side, it is the view mode dialog. From this dialog, the user could select the view modes from 1 camera to 16 cameras.
In the above screen shot, the three images are three Remote Digital Video running in one computer. They are in different view modes: standard view, 4 camera vertical view,4 camera horizontal view.
Top product - Our Home Webcam Robot 10.1  
Auto Email + FTP + Video + Snapshot + Exe + Sound + URL
Remote monitoring the real time video from web browser
16 Cameras View
Home Edition:  
Office Edition:  
 Other software
Mini Webcam Robot Auto Video Special  Mini Webcam Robot Auto Video Special


Local Webcam Robot   Local Webcam Robot  


Webcam Internet Browser Monitor  Webcam Internet Browser Monitor 


Mini Webcam Robot Auto Email Special  Mini Webcam Robot Auto Email Special


Mini Webcam Robot Auto Snap Special Mini Webcam Robot Auto Snap Special


Mini Webcam Robot All in One Mini Webcam Robot Auto FTP Special